In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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Before the apocalypse Srezia was the typical modern day civilization. Technology was the prominent source of everything for the typical resident of Srezia. Everything changed in the year 2125. The roleplay begins in 2127.


- A volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ring of Fire begins to form a large new island off the coast of North America. As the island develops, it is completely uninhabitable for several years.

- The island formed by the volcanic eruption is explored by foreign explorers and colonists, although the US immediately stakes claim to the land.

- Russian explorers name the island Srezia. Russia and Japan attempt to claim the land, and a political debate begins over the rightful boundaries of Srezia.
- The nations of Russia and Japan agree to split the territory of Srezia, but the US refuses to allocate any land and blockades the developing island.

- Once the island is stable, the United States begins colonization and construction on Srezia after declaring it a sovereign commonwealth nation under US jurisdiction.
- Russia demands compensation for the land, under the argument that Srezia is in international waters closest to Asia. The US refuses, and Russia and its allies abandon their peace treaties in retaliation.
- Japanese and Russian colonists refuse to leave the island, and they eventually settle on the western coast.

- The city of Ridgebourne is founded in the northeastern region of Srezia by American settlers.

2030 - 2099

- Over time, Srezia continues to be established. Several small towns are founded across the island. Construction for the bridge across Srezia's main lake begins.
- Hostilities with Russia, Japan, and several other nations over the territory of Srezia increase.


- Fort Harbinger, a massive military base and research facility, is founded in the northwestern region of Srezia. Russia is outraged at the use of land that was claimed as Russian, and they fervently protest the construction of the fort. The American military is brought into Srezia to control riots, and eventually all Russians are forced to leave the island.
- Russia demands access to its colonies, and the US refuses. Several Russian establishments are abandoned, condemned, or taken over by US forces.
- The bridge is fully constructed.
- The population of Srezia reaches about 500,000.
- Srezia has developed a basic economic structure as a small, moderately successful democratic nation. The US continues to support Srezia's growth.

- The city of New Nagasake is founded by Japanese colonists on the southwestern peninsula of Srezia.

- Another military base, Fort Omen, is founded in eastern Srezia.
- Recruitment for Srezia's small, defensive military increases and its ranks reach a few thousand

-The nations of Srezia, the United States, and its allies go to war with Russia and its allies. Military forces from Srezia are deployed abroad, under the contract of an alliance with the US.
- Srezia begins various research, experimentation, and testing for advanced combat technology for the war.

- Srezia begins to struggle economically and socially because of the war, and the United States begins utilizing Srezia as a research facility for genetic testing and biological weapons.
- The Sa'Kage are founded as an urban gang in New Nagasake.
- Research and testing for the Visor Project, the Chroma Project, the Perseus Program, and other experiments begin at Fort Harbinger.

- Fort Harbinger begins experimentation for full-scale nuclear and biological warfare.
- The United States isolates Srezia as a military testing facility and authorizes testing to continue despite awareness of the risks and dangers of their experimentation.

- Development of a biological component designed to be spread as a virus is completed at Fort Harbinger. The virus causes a highly contagious, cancerous mutation of cells, and it is designed to be able to be contained within a specific area for use as a weapon against enemies.

- Hostile countries begin bombing the United States. The US is quickly overpowered, and it abandons defense of Srezia to help defend the mainland more efficiently.
- The US government retains control of Srezia's military bases, and begins to use the virus designed at Fort Harbinger against hostile nations as a last attempt to defend itself.
- The virus proves to be extremely effective and quickly weakens most of the United States' enemies. However, the virus begins to spread further across Asia and Europe.

- Contaminated food and water supplies begin to cause thousands of deaths. The virus becomes airborne and unexpectedly spreads to Africa and Australia.
- Several countries declare quarantine and completely close off their airports, public transit systems, and water supplies. Paranoia and fear set in across the world.
- The US demands a ceasefire in order to offer the cure for the virus to infected countries. In retaliation, hostile countries continue to bomb the US. An atom bomb is released over the mainland of North America, devastating the structure of the entire nation and causing unexpected chain reactions which shake the tectonic plates and faultlines of North America and areas of the Pacific.
- Powerful earthquakes begin to occur in the areas in which the plates are effective, causing large sections of land to split and shatter. Much of the United States and Srezia, including Fort Harbinger, is destroyed by the bombing and the aftermath of the earthquakes.
- Foreign nations demand the US to produce a cure, but the cure that was previously designed at Fort Harbinger is lost during the destruction of the research facility. All other attempts to remedy the effects of the virus prove to be completely ineffective against it.
- The Chroma Project is announced to the public with the intention of "finding a cure" for the virus.

- The Cataclysm: The combination of nuclear warfare and the increased spread of the virus decimates most of the world. The combined death rate of the virus and the wars have reached into the millions.
- The infrastructure of the world's economy and political system is destroyed, and the devastation causes the complete collapse of the civilized world. Every area of the world has become infected by the virus and affected by the nuclear warfare. Many survivors of the virus and the bombing quickly die of starvation or a lack of resources as the world is plunged into apocalyptic chaos.
- Nuclear power plants, testing facilities, reactors, and other energy sources fail. Several of them are overloaded and begin a chain reaction of intense explosions starting at Fort Harbinger which have devastating effects on the environment. Some of the land of Srezia is broken off as a result of the explosions disturbing tectonic plates, causing a large part of the continent to be charred and shattered into smaller islands.
- Chemical and nuclear waste begin to pollute the environment close to Fort Harbinger as well as large parts of the land, sea, and air nearby.
- The city of Ridgebourne is completely flooded when the explosions of the Cataclysm cause the advanced system of dams and aqueducts around the city to burst.
- New Nagasake is partially destroyed and most of its inhabitants are infected with the virus and die.
- Fort Harbinger is completely devastated as a result of the Cataclysm. The base itself is nearly destroyed in the aftermath, and the high exposure to the virus and nuclear waste cause survivors near the base to contract the most severe form of the virus.

- The virus and its aftermath are responsible for the death of most of the world's population. An estimated 0.001% of the world's population remains.
- The intensity of the virus and its pollutants have spread across the area near Fort Harbinger, turning most of the remaining population there into mindless, zombie-like products of the sickness.

-Current year. The virus has subsided and been mostly contained, and the remaining survivors are relatively safe from the initial effects of the Cataclysm.
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Current Time Line
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