In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 Cole Mc'Cleoud

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Cole Mc'Cleoud

Cole Mc'Cleoud

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During the virus devestation the US Military ventured to create an augmented soldier prototype. They called it the Perseus program.

They took volunteer's without telling them exactly what the testing was. The volunteers were put through rigorous training. They started with basic military boot camp and then progressed through marine training and Special forces and S.E.A.L training, during which they opted for speciific hand to hand and melee weaponry. After the year long training concluded, the experimental part started, it was divided into 3 sub section biological, technological and a mixture of bio tech. then
The Biological test subjects met a horrible fate, the muscle growth serums and hormones they were given caused their muscles to grow and deform at a rate which the epidermus could not keep up. The genetic changes to the cones and rods within the subjects eyes caused them to become so sensitive to light that some went blind due to looking out a window at the wrong time or angle. Ultimately 1 test subject survived and was frequently hospitalized afterward. The biological enhancement process was deemed a failure and sent back to RnD
The technolgical augmentation process saw much more success. exo skeletal super structures grafted to limbs gave them greater strength and straight speed, but maneuverability was sacrificed. Some subjects bodies also Rejected the cybernetic implants and the skeletal grafts themselves. A very few showed signs of psycosis eventualy ripping the machine part out of their bodies effectivley maiming themselves to death. 3 Subjects Survived but where decomisioned and did not survive the attempts to removes the cybernetic combat augmentations.
The Bio- tech group saw the most positive outcome. They used a genetic construct to cause the skeletal structure and musculature to become heavily damaged and then repaired them with a calcium poly carbide mixture allowing the bodies genetic code to absorb the material and become able to repair it increasing the bone strength to nigh un breakable without significant force. The Musculature was more tightly coiled by the material and allowing each muscle group to out put greater and more accurate force without significantly increasing mass and therefore not sacrificing manueverability. They were outifitted with cybernetic implants around his heart that artificialy induced adrenal surges in times of phsycal stress. The final cybernetic implant was one of their eyes, the same as which ever hand was their main hand. Able to see in infra-red electro magnetic and enhanced variable distance sight. These subjects saw 2 men die through testing from their bodies rejecting the augments.
After tht there was the weapon program, these soldiers would have eventualy have been outfitted with Swords made of coltan steal and etched with an acid honed edge. And 2 Machine pistols that where a combination magik and technology. The magik was in the form of the guns power source and material creation. The material was used by the technology half, a nanite core, within the weapon that created the different types of ammunition it could fire. The guns used electromagnetic plates to accelerate the bullets at the needed speeds. illiminating the need for gun powder or to keep them dry.

Soon after the program was to be approved the apocalypse hit a head and world goverment collapsed, military branches fought eachother for power and resources eventualy the perseus base was destroyed along with it all the subjects except one, Cole Mc'Cleoud.

Cole is a survivor. From the wreckage he salvaged the armour for one arm, and was able to insert coltan steel strips and slats into a makeshift leather strap shirt and leather pants, he grabbed the armoured combat boot prototype that were ready for production but never saw it. he used scattered leather remnants to make a cloak, he salvaged what weapons he could 2 of the guns, and 2 of the swords meant for the perseus soldiers, as well as 2 backpack style canteens and 10 normal sized canteens, Luckily the cover for the military installation was a horse ranch, durring his time there he had become trusted by a large Black Percheron named Tank whom he Saddled up with his canteens salvaged food and began wandering around trying to find something left, Anything

Cole's Cloak Cole Mc'Cleoud Anima_11

Coles armoured arm and weapons strapped on (( 1 gun on a hip holster not shown)) Cole Mc'Cleoud _chang11

Coles basic clothing- Cole Mc'Cleoud 11421112

Tank Cole Mc'Cleoud Black_10

Cole Mc'Cleoud
Height 5'11
weight 210 pounds
eye color- Left- green, right Red
Color- Auburn
Style- medium length straight/spikey
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Cole Mc'Cleoud
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