In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 Shadows Approach

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PostSubject: Re: Shadows Approach   Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:03 pm

The Acolytes were obligated to follow their orders, and two of them gripped Darrien's shoulders and dragged him along on the trail, through harsh terrain, brambles, and thorns. Zaiya hissed with laughter.

"Try not to bleed out until we get there, outsider."

Within a few minutes, Zaiya and the Acolytes would bring the unconscious man to the gates of the outpost. Most of the people in the outpost had been alerted already, and many of them were watching from behind the rickety old fence or the buildings. Zaiya had decided that she would make it a public spectacle, and she grabbed Darrien away from the Acolytes as they opened the gate for her, holding him up by the collar of his cloak.

"Brethren! Look at this - another outsider plague-rat has taken it upon himself to wander into our forest, as if it was his playground. He must be punished."

She held one of her blades up towards Darrien, glaring at him intently.

"He shall be sacrificed!"
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Shadows Approach
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