In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 The Raiders

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There are many groups of raiders located across all of Srezia. They are the survivors of the Cataclysm who turned to more insidious ways of life, and they often make their living by scavenging, looting, robbing, and murdering to get what they want. After the Cataclysm, many survivors had no choice but to abandon civilized ways of life in order to survive. The new raiding "gangs" were quickly formed amidst the violence, bloodshed, and terror, and they rose in power as their ranks grew exponentially due to the desperate necessity of some survivors. These groups still exist today across all of Srezia, ranging in size from a few members to a hundred or more, and they are one of the greatest threats to other organized survivor groups. While some raider groups are fairly neutral and won't bother other survivors unless provoked, many others are extremely aggressive and won't hesitate to raid and kill anything that they please for supplies, street credit, or the sheer joy of killing.

Although some raiders have access to advanced, modern equipment, most are forced to survive off of scraps. Many of them are lucky to be equipped with an old gun and some scrap armor, yet a few others might be seen with weapons and equipment just as formidable as one could ever expect to find in the post-apocalyptic ruins. Likewise, most raiders are survivors without any special skills or attributes besides a desperate desire to live and a few years' experience living in the Cataclysmic world, but others have more experience or combat expertise. Raider groups are often fairly unorganized, with the most capable and vicious members rising to the top of their ranks, while the others are left to raid, scavenge, and perform the grunt work of their groups.


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One of the most well-known raider commanders goes by the name Steele. After working his way up in the American military from an infantry soldier to a Sergeant Major, Steele earned many high commendations from the military and was revered as one of the most skilled US military personnel. He was only a few years away from a comfortable retirement when he was reassigned to Fort Harbinger in the midst of the development of the virus that would lead to the Cataclysm. As soon as he received classified reports of the virus being released into the general populace, Steele leaked the information to international media sources, went AWOL, and abandoned the military because of what they had done. He was one of the first to realize the effects that the virus would have, and the classified information that he offered gave many nations and hundreds of thousands of civilians the opportunity to prepare themselves. Even in his virtuous act of selflessness, Steele realized that he would not survive at Fort Harbinger as a traitor, so he quickly relocated and waited out the Cataclysm as it passed.

After the Cataclysm, Steele was one of the first to organize a large group of raiders, which he gathered from some of the hardy survivors of the Wastelands. His group is not a typical raider group, as he runs it with an iron fist and does not allow his men to harm or rob civilians or neutral groups. They have access to moderate-level equipment, included some limited military equipment, but they are less aggressive and more diplomatic than most other raiders.

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The Raiders
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