In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 Beasts of Srezia

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(by Sa'Kage)

The Cataclysm caused an extreme variety of diverse changes, extinctions, and mutations in the original population of Srezian wildlife, as well as the introduction of several entirely new species due to chemical alteration, intense pollution, genetic differentiations, and scientific experimentation. Some post-Cataclysmic beasts are more mutated from their original species and more dangerous than others. Although the majority of Srezian wildlife populations were sparse, sub-tropical, and fairly non-threatening at one point in time, the changes that the Cataclysm has brought on has left the land scattered with a menagerie of mysterious, deadly, and unknown creatures.

Forest Beasts

These beasts are found in sub-tropical, deciduous, and coniferous forest environments located in northern, eastern, and southern Srezia. They are among the most abundant creatures, and their populations show greater diversity than many of the other Srezian ecosystems. Overall, the forest beasts are generally not a risk since many of them are docile, but a few predators have risen to the top of the food chain.

Beasts of Srezia Monste10 These creatures actually used to be beavers. They still live in small family groups near rivers and make dams, but now they make them out of metal and stone. They are docile unless provoked. These are referred to as Cleavers.

Beasts of Srezia Alpha_10 this creature is none simply as the Alpha wolf. It of canine origin, its fast, aggressive and hunts in packs. It favors humans as a meal and will go for you if it sees you.

Beasts of Srezia B3e5f910 these creatures are called delta hoppers, they migrated between and around the river deltas searching for food and good breeding ground. They are mostly passive and will not usually attack unless directly threatened. They are a large prey item for other swamp dwelling creatures…

Beasts of Srezia Swamp_10 These beats are known as the swamp stalkers, they hunt the delta hoppers as a main source of food. They are aggressive and will travel in groups of 2 to 3 maybe but rarely 4. During mating season this number can triple as groups come together.

Beasts of Srezia Forest10 This creature is a cousin of the subterranean devourer, the is the forest devourer. It blends in using the green and brown coloration and the moss on its back.

Beasts of Srezia 6d3a9d11 The glow worm is relative of the devourer living in dark forests of the small islands. It is more docile then its relatives but still not to be messed with.

Beasts of Srezia Caecur10 these raptor like creatures roam the more forested parts of srezia near the deltas or river. Some roam swamp lands and still other wetter areas of mountain ranges. They were mutated from modern lizards and are known as Reavers. They live and hunt in family groups.

Beasts of the Wastelands


Beasts of Srezia Desert10

Desert Demon

Type: Hostile Demon
Mutated from: Unknown

No one exactly knows what made these monsters, and not many have lived long enough after seeing one to try and guess what they used to be. One of the few people to survive an attack was Cole Mc'Cleoud (pictured above). The Desert Demons, as they have come to be called, are some of the most dangerous creatures in the wastelands. Their presence is not to be taken lightly.


Beasts of Srezia Earth_12

Armored Demon

These beasts are a slightly more mutated version of the desert demon, and they sometimes lead packs of their weaker brethren.


Beasts of Srezia Totter10

Type: Hostile Demon
Mutated from: Humans

These strange, gruesome creatures were once people, but when the Cataclysm began, they took refuge in the Obsidian Forest. Whatever energy lurks underground combined with the chemicals and pollutants unleashed during the Cataclysm turned them into these freaks of nature. The Order of Desaryah was forced to exile them to the Wastelands in order to protect the forest. The ghouls have lost most human attributes and are now more like barbaric monsters, roaming the Wastelands and feeding off of whatever flesh they can find to survive.


Beasts of Srezia Diablo10

Desert Terror
Type: Hostile Demon
Mutated from: Unknown

No one knows exactly how, but these beasts seem to have a way of assuming dominance over the other Wasteland creatures. They are known as the Desert Terrors, though they often live in the more blackened and burnt areas of the wastelands.


Mountain Beasts

Beasts of Srezia 6623d810 these monsters are known amongst the survivors as rock Maulers. As their name suggests they burrow tunnels in mesas mountains and other rock formations and attack un assuming prey from below mauling them with their 3 sets of huge claws.

Beasts of Srezia Mounta10 this relative of the devourer lives in mountain passes and caves consuming weary travellers to careless to watch the path ahead…

Subterranean Beasts

Type: Hostile Predator
Mutated from: Arthropod

Beasts of Srezia C2da2010

These large, centipede-like creatures dwell in the dark cavernous underground world beneath Srezia, especially The Wastelands as well as the island remnants of Fort Harbinger. They are known as Devourers, and they will eat everything and anything they can.

Devourer Queen

Beasts of Srezia Devour10

The Devourer Queen is one of the most threatening and grotesque creatures on Srezia. She spawns the Devourer maggots that originate in the subterranean caverns of the Wastelands. She has dominance over others of her kind and a slight human intelligence, akin to the desert terrors.

Devourer King
Type: Hostile Devourer Predator
Mutated From: Arthropod

Beasts of Srezia Rift_e10

This large beast is known for mating with the Devourer Queen to spawn new Devourer maggots. They mate once a year, and the Queen will spawn more Devourers throughout the entire year after the Devourer King has mated with her.

Type: Hostile Reptilian Predator (subterranean, aquatic)
Mutated from: Unknown

Beasts of Srezia Sewer_10

These highly deformed and grotesque reptilian creatures are often found in subterranean environments, stalking any prey foolish enough to stray into their territory. They often come to the surface to hunt in forested areas, swamplands, or inland water sources. They are extremely aggressive, and they are known for their ability to adapt to many environments in order to take their prey by surprise.

Aquatic Beasts

(in progress?)
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Beasts of Srezia
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