In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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  The Sa' Kage

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PostSubject: The Sa' Kage   Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:19 pm

Sa'kage means "The shadows". Some other names we have gone by are the "Dust men" or the "Reapers"

The Sa' kage are a group of people that were an urban gang but truly came together after the event that we have come to call "the cataclysm". We are a unruly bunch and dont have much law in our scrap yard society. We use the metal to create improvised armor and some of us have the uncanny ability to pull trash metal together and create weak but fast trash bots. We have a few leaders designated to take care of certain aspects of the society like metal stock piles, food, weaponry, and housing. We call them the Conduits, for they keep our society alive and running. The person who is in charge of them, the leader of the Sa'kage is known as the Shinga.

Current Shinga: Ash "Lawless" Caldwell

Conduits: Theron "Scrapper" Vonner--metal stock piles
Armand "Buzz saw" Dracul--Weaponry
Charity "Momma" Norwood--housing
Rosalyn "farm girl" Morelock--food

At first glance the city we live in would just look like a bunch of ruins, a time passed.

but if you look again u will see us. The Sa'kage, making a living amongst the burnt out city and twisted metal.

the center of the "Scrap City"


Charity Norwood was born 20 years before the cataclysm in England. She moved to the United States to go to college for civil engineering and urban development. While going to college she met a man named Ash Caldwell who was going to New Nagasaki in Szrezia because he ‘didn’t feel at home’ in the US. She looked into going to Szrezia and found that they were looking for people with her skills, sadly New Nagasaki was not on that list, so she went to Ridge Bourne instead. When she got there she stayed in contact with Ash as much as her job and whatever he did allowed. She was one of many engineers who worked on the cities extensive dam and aquaduct system, so when the cataclysm struck she knew where not to stay. On her way out of the chaos in Ridge Bourne she saw a man named Theron with his legs caught under a piece of rubble, she helped him out then they made the long trek to where she knew Ash was, New Nagasaki. When they got there she joined the Sa’Kage.

Rosalyn Morelock was born 19 years before the cataclysm struck in the mid-west into a small farming community. She was a very smart girl so she came up with better ways to irrigate and farm, also more efficient ways to harvest. When Srezia was claimed partially by the US she jumped at the opportunity to go and work there. When the cataclysms truck she wasn’t near any large cities so she wasn’t in any real danger of getting hurt, but because of the disease she wore a mask to make sure she didn’t catch it, though the disease is still contained she rarely takes it off. She made her way to the nearest city after things sort of blew over and joined the Sa’kage. Her two different colored eyes are due to a harmless genetic mutation.

Armando Dracul was born in Spain 26 years before the end of the world as we would know. He was always a person to try and annoy people and pick a fight, though he got a bit more diplomatic when he was older. He was in many fights in school as a child so his parents thought it best to send him to a military school. He stayed there for most of his life, and went through college there before he joined the army. He went through the ranks quickly and was eventually made spec ops. When the cataclysm began the government of spain country tried making super soldiers with the United States using a special visor to enhance their speed, strength, and reflexes to inhuman proportions, of course Armando was one of the first candidates. The visor was implanted on him permanently and he was one of the most successful subjects. When the cataclysm hit its full swing and the installation. fort harbringer, was destroyed he alone escaped and made his way to main land Srezia where he joined the Sa’Kage and found he had the powers of a bender.
He has never had a girl friend or anyone he has felt that way about and he believes that if he ever did it would make him weak. His best friend is Ash Caldwell the leader of the Sa’Kage and he will do anything to make sure the Sa’Kage is safe and prosperous.

Theron Vonner was born in Los Angeles 30 years before the cataclysm. His family was always struggling with money and because of this he had to work his own way through school to college without much help. He dropped out of college due to always proving professors wrong because he would come up with ways to do things that were easier but were not the ways the professors were teaching. So he got a job at a construction firm and a part time job at a metal refinery and when Srezia was being colonized he was one of the first people to go there with the military to help build Fort Omen, when it was finished he went to live in RidgeBourne. When the cataclysm struck he made his way out of the city before it flooded, sadly during the chaos a piece of a building fell on his legs crushing the bones, he was saved by a girl named Charity who brought him to New Nagasake where they joined the Sa’Kage. When he discovered his ability of a bender he and a young forger named Michael made a exo skeleton for his legs to help him move. Throughout the time since the cataclysm Theron has made other implants for his body such as metal spikes for combat.

There are those among us that focus on the defense of our new society. They are the one's that people have called Dust men. They call them that for one of two reason, one a little more cool than the other. One, we dont have the cleanest clothes in the world and they mostly wear ratty shit and scrap metal armor. Or when the fight is done, you gone and nothin but dust int he wind.

female dustman

male dustmen

Some of the people within the Sa'kage have attained the ability to control metal or even be able to use energy to create trash bots out of any scrap metal. There are a few types of trash bots most used for scouting missions or helping build and harvest. None have ever been used in combat but they could be if needed. RECENTLY forgers have been using them for combat more and more adding more dangerous types to the list. Beware the powerful forgers for who knows what metal monster can be created from their minds, which sometimes, maybe just as twisted as the metal they control.

The Most powerful forger, people who can make trash bots are called forgers, is the current leader of the Sa'kage Ash "Lawless" Caldwell.

Forgers are people within the Sa'kage society than can create small robotic creatures out of the scrap metal scattered about the city. These robots are used for a variety of tasks to help out the survivors such as helping during the harvest season, helping to build housing structures or other buildings the survivors may need, they go throughout the city in groups to help humans find scrap metal to use to make more bots, buildings, or weapons. Their bots are also used to scout the area around the city as lookouts instead of using people that could fall asleep on the job. Forgers are held rather high in the society usually being right under the conduits in the chain of command. The current Shinga is the most powerful forger in the society.
Michael a forger

People with the society that can manipulate and bend metal to their will but can not create the trash bots. All of the conduits excluding Armando are exceptionally powerful benders that just lack the control to be forgers which is why they are above normal benders and forgers, they were chosen to be conduits based upon their skills and leadership capablity. They are used to help build and find metal, they are usually black smiths creating weapons like swords and knifes, some of them can create guns. Benders are held only slightly above normal people in the society unless they are the conduits.
Elana a bender

Morticians are forgers that have stepped beyond just creating machinations of scrap and have mixed scrap metal and steam based technology with the corpses of highly decayed animals, sometimes multiple corpses to create the unnatural disgusting yet useful creatures known now as Corpus which means body in latin. These mangled beings are used as beasts of burden. The Morticians are not held very high in the Sa’Kage society as what they do seems to be a disregard for the dead, but the society is not above accepting the creations as useful. The creations could be used in combat but are not right now.
Julius a motician

The beats of the mortician are horrifying and mangled, they are kept around only because they do prove useful.

Scavengers are simply normal people who go out into the word beyond the city to find scrap metal or other useful objects bring some back and tell forgers where it is so it can be retrieved by them and their groups of Trash bots. Scavengers will mostly carry crude spear like weapons but sometimes will have fire arms with them, if they go into an area with anything hostile they normally travel in groups. One or two of them in that group will have a gun. Guns and better blades are reserved for Dust men and Dust women.

Ricter a scavenger

Sia is the person in charge of any person who is considered a scout for the Sa’Kage. She is not considered a conduit though because the scouts are not a large enough group in the society. She is constantly trying to prove herself to Ash, for more reasons than status. She has known Ash since before the cataclysm and they are best friends though she wants to be much more. She is a seasoned scout herself though she may not look it, and is one of the best diplomats the Sa’Kage have


The mechanics are normal people who happened to be engineers or mechanics before the cataclysm, they are used to make sure that old cars, motor cycles, and any other machinery brought back to life by the forgers are kept running as smoothly as possible now a days. They dont care any weapons usually because they dont leave the scrap most times. If they do they leave with some dust men or a forger.
Jay a mechanic

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PostSubject: Re: The Sa' Kage   Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:50 am

The Sa'kage use many weapons and machinations of clockwork and steam to fight and take down raiders and defend themselves from outside threats.

Clockwork pistal

Steam cannon

Mounted Assault Steam gun

Steam rifles

Clock work Pistols

Prototype "Brass Lion" clockwork bot. Being built by Michael the Forger

Prototype "Mortar Bug" steam bot. Being designed by Michael the Forger.

Prototype "Steam Walker" steam bot. In theoretical stage, idea from Michael the forger.

Prototype "Steel Belly" steam clockwork bot. In blue print phase, blueprints done by Michael the Forger.

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PostSubject: Re: The Sa' Kage   Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:55 am

though the Sa'kage were a gang they made a sort of system of traditions from themselves. Rites of passage, funerals, marriages. So when society fell apart and they formed their clan they were quick to incorporate these into their life style.

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PostSubject: Re: The Sa' Kage   Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:43 pm

Important Character besides the conduits, the shinga, and the examples of each group.

Donny: A sociopath forger border lining mortician

Richy: A forger with the strange ability to know people before he really meets them

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PostSubject: Re: The Sa' Kage   

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The Sa' Kage
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