In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 The Bounty Hunter's Creed

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PostSubject: The Bounty Hunter's Creed   The Bounty Hunter's Creed EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 4:34 pm

During the cataclysm many people panicked, theft, murder, and crime broke out across the lands. Bounty hunters quickly gathered together to hunt these newly found criminals and to have power over the average survivor. At first they were employed by the governments, integrated into some military bases, but some staged revolutions after realizing that it was every man for themselves. When a bounty hunter takes a job, they play by their rules. Bounty hunters have an unspoken code that all must follow. (to be added later.)

(By Chroma)
The Bounty Hunter's Creed: A group of hunters who combined their forces and split the wealth of their jobs. They were based in Fort Omen at the start of the cataclysm, however, when the military tried to take the resources promised them for a job they staged a revolt and broke free of the military. They are now based in a ruined city just south of Fort Omen.

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PostSubject: Re: The Bounty Hunter's Creed   The Bounty Hunter's Creed EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 11:40 pm

Creed Character: (Chroma)
Leader of the Creed: Arron Creed
Quick Bio: Arron Creed is a well know bounty hunter whom earned his fame during the cataclysm. He is the man behind the revolt at Fort Omen, which was enacted after the military refused to pay it's bounties to the hunters stationed there.
The Bounty Hunter's Creed Arron_10
Arron at the start of the cataclysm....lost in the wrong district.

Creed's second in command: Arahn Kuroi
Age: 25
Rune: Time
Quick Bio: Arahn was Arron's rival for ages until the revolt at Omen Fort. The day the military refused to pay their debts to the hunters he and Arron struck a deal. They would plan a revolt against the military, in doing so they would put their rivalry on hold and work together for the great good. Arahn used inside information to blackmail Arron into letting him be second in command. They still to this day hate each other but have put that aside until I later date.
The Bounty Hunter's Creed Gackt210

Warrior General: Naoya Kanashige
Rune: Gravity
Quickly Bio: Before the Cataclysm Naoya was kept in an specialized facility after having been discovered to have telekinetic abilities. It was dangerous for him to be on the outside due to his abilities were very unstable and had caused the deaths of his parents and his younger sister. He killed his parents after they had his sister when he lost control and tore apart their home, ripping them apart in the process. After this happened he became very protective and almost obsessed with his sister, her having been the only one to survive, he found some comfort in having her around. Two years since the incident with his parents, his powers began to become activated by his subconscious, this meaning his dreams caused him to rip parts of buildings down and wreck things with other object. His sister was caught up in one of the buildings that he destroyed and was brutally killed by falling ruble. After this incident he was placed in a secure facility where he would not be able to harm civilians.

During his time in the Facility he trained in swordsmanship, this helped him gain control over his destructive powers. When the Cataclysm struck, he found himself in an abandoned facility with nowhere to go but out. He wandered aimlessly for 6 months, during which he came across a orphaned child named Reia. He took her in and pledged himself as her bodyguard.

Priestess: Reia Nishi
Rune: Unknown
Quick Bio: Reia was orphaned by the Cataclysm. (I know, that;s not a lot to go on but I'll fix it later XD)

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The Bounty Hunter's Creed
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