In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 Zaiyah's Exile

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PostSubject: Zaiyah's Exile   Zaiyah's Exile EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 5:54 pm

In the middle of the night after Darrien's appearance in the Obsidian Forest, Zaiyah was resting in a small cabin in the village and her wound was being tended to by several Acolytes. After Zaiyah had dragged him to the village with the intention of torturing and sacrificing him, Darrien awoke and stabbed his captor, seriously injuring her. Darrien had been tended to in the main cabin, and now Zaiyah had to be dealt with. The tiny room that the young half-demon was in was lit by makeshift lanterns and old, dusty candles. Zaiyah was laying on a small bed, with bandages wrapped over her shoulder where the blade had pierced her and nearly severed her arm. One of Priestess Aralynn's servants, a cultist, had cleaned the wound and stitched it up earlier, and now Zaiyah was the only one in the room. Aralynn had dismissed the Acolytes as she came to see Zaiyah - she entered the room quietly and stood towering over Zaiyah.

"Half-demon - I would ask how you are feeling, but I believe you brought this all upon yourself."

"He should be dead! I shall show no mercy to the outsiders!" Zaiyah hissed back at her but Aralynn shook her head, unintimidated, and continued.

"Your actions have grown increasingly intolerable. Perhaps you should answer for yourself, Zaiyah."

"I have nothing to say to you. I did nothing wrong! The filthy outsider scum deserved far worse than what he got!"

Aralynn's hand glowed slightly with a silvery hue, and she pressed it against Zaiyah's shoulder. Zaiyah recoiled in pain instantly and then shuddered, as if she had been shocked lightly by a taser, and then Aralynn lifted her hand.

"You are shameful to your brethren, Zaiyah. Such...disrespect for your superiors. You have disgraced the name of the Order with your violent tenacity, and now it is your time to learn of your punishment. If you ever wish to return to this forest, your home, then you must prove yourself to me. Until then, you are to leave this place and never return, unless you come back with a willingness to serve your brethren as you should, with loyalty and devotion."

"You can't do this! The Oracle would never allow a demon to be cast out!"

"You are forgetting something," Aralynn smiled, "Zaiyah, you are only half-blooded. If you go to the Oracle, you would be banished forever. If you listen to me, you will have a chance to return. It is quite simple. Temporary exile, or complete, listen carefully. In one day, you will leave here at dusk. You will do the Order's bidding and make yourself useful to us - and when it is decided, if you prove your devotion, you will be allowed to return to the Obsidian Forest and be exonerated of your disgraces."

Zaiyah shrieked violently. "You can't! You can't do this to me!!"

"Yes. I believe I can. Goodbye, Zaiyah. We'll be watching you."

After leaving a small, glowing blue runestone on the table by Zaiyah's bedside, Aralynn smiled sweetly and calmly turned to leave the room, leaving Zaiyah completely helpless. She had no choice - she would have to do as Aralynn told her if she ever wished to redeem herself...

An Acolyte walks in and shakes his head. "Wow, Zaiyah...YA DUN GOOFED!"
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Zaiyah's Exile
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