In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 Dirge of the Fallen

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PostSubject: Dirge of the Fallen   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:40 am

Lucia, the realm between ours and what some may refer to as heaven, is inhabited by angelic beings who's wings spread as the dawn's light. Two thousand years ago this realm broke into all out war. The event that led to this was the major differences in the views of the angelic court. This war brought about utter chaos in the realm, hundreds of thousands were killed in battle and the upper court became so corrupt as to murder the innocent along side the guilty. Cities were burned, battles raged, even the skies turned to blood in remembrance of the fallen. At the end of it all only a few warriors remained standing, the upper court standing victorious over the so-called "rebels". A thousand years after few lived to see the war-turn remains of the land. The innocent were oppressed to the point where they were forced to become slaves and concubines or try to live unnoticed under the noses of the corrupted courts. The Hundred Thousand Year War before this had enacted the ruling that wars may only last a thousand years and a time of replenishment of three thousand years should take place before waging war again. This was because after the Hundred Thousand Year War there were so few living that it took three thousand years to replenish the population to half it's previous levels.

The onset of the Cataclysm in the earthly realm brought on the disputes that had led to the Hundred Thousand Year War once again. The issue of helping the humans or condemning them had led to hundreds of wars before this and millions of deaths in both races. This soon brought about the betrayal of the Three-Thousand-Year Replenishment Period Pact or TTYRPP. War broke out, the upper court once again were condemning the humans and even wanted to cast hellfire on the earth. "The Fallen", as the upper court referred to them, wanted to help the humans and tried to do so behind the courts back. The war only lasted about a year after the Cataclysm, this is when "The Fallen" gave their freedom and life as they knew it to place a barrier between the earthly realm and the upper court's insanity. To do this they gave up their own freedom, the upper court cast them all down to the earthy realm as they had nearly completed the barrier. Now, if one looks to the skies, they will see the barrier. Lights waves like those to the north drift across the nights skies everywhere.

The upper court made sure to chain Fallen's leader in a cave. They left him there to die in the darkest pit near to the underworld. Aragore suffered for his part in freeing the earth from Lucia's hateful grip. Eventually the darkness claimed his mind. his once brilliant white wings turned gray as stone. This was the punishment for any who cared to help the humans.

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PostSubject: Re: Dirge of the Fallen   Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:56 pm


Sirth is the son of a Upper Courts-men who had rebelled against the court when the ruled that the humans were inferior. He joined Dirge in their war against the corrupted court and as it dragged on his fighting spirit was praise as the best in Fallen by the courts. Though he was well known he never raised in the ranks. At the end of the war, as Dirge created the barrier between the realms he was one that ushered the innocent from the area, he made sure that no innocent were caught in the crossfire. When the Courts Military rushed the group of civilians and slaughtered them his spirit raged. He single-handedly killed ten-thousand soldiers before being cast to earth.

After being cast from heaven he grew increasingly depressed. Nightmares of the innocent bystander's cries haunted his thoughts. He blamed himself for their deaths and their screams slowly hardened his soul and stole his sanity. He began to torture himself for their pain, trying to atone for the 'sins' he had committed against them. He ripped out his right wing as he had seen the soldiers do to their victims. As time went on scars began to build from where he had lashed his flesh. In the dark of night he finally decided to end their agonizing screams of pain, he dug his hand into the flesh of his neck and slowly, without a sound, tore it across. At that moment a young girl found him and grabbed his hand from his neck as she placed pressure on his wound. She treated his wounds until they all had healed. She was an orphan of the Cataclysm so she stayed with him. After that he found his reason for living, and that reason was her.


Silver is a human orphaned by the Cataclysm who found herself alone and cold in the cruel world to come. It was everyone for themselves in the new world, a weak child would not last long in a world where people used each other for their own gain. She began to distance herself from people, having been hurt by hundreds in a short time. Her life soon came to just surviving, nothing else was important, others died before her eyes and looked on to how to overcome what they had fallen victim to. She wondered the earth without care to the world around her until she came across a man who fell victim to his own grief. The image of him tearing away the flesh of his neck brought her back to humanity, she forgot about her concern for survival and rushed to help him. She treated his wounds and nursed him until he was fully recovered. While he recovered she opened up to him, she told him about her life before the Cataclysm, about her family, friends, and how everything changed as the world did. How her family was killed and her friends turning on her for their own survival. Sirith, whom she had learned was an angel, agreed to take care of her and to never turn his back on her.




Fenrir is distinguished for the blood of a demon that flows through his veins. He was cast to earth long before Dirge and helped seal the barrier from the earth's side. He is well know for his two-sided personality and his handsome appearance. His eyes show his demon blood and most angelic beings hold a great deal of disdain him for his mother's choice to defy the courts law.

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Dirge of the Fallen
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