In a post - apocalyptic world, people struggle to survive. Here is their story.
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 The Tamers

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The Tamers 7ea6b410 Dran Dragon-tamer the founder and leader of the Tamers

The Tamers 41a1f810Terrace the second most powerful Tamer and Dran's cousin.

The Tamers A19c6810 Sara a wandering survivor that joined the Tamers.

The Tamers Dragon10 Seraph a young child that survived the cataclysm and joined Dran.

The Tamers Kal_th11 name unknown, codename is the Ivory-Wolf, due to the white spear he wields and he hunts with a group of Tamers known as the pack

The Tamers Sandst10 The Pack riding out on a hunt, they ride whatever desert creatures their power can tame.

The Tamers Plague10 Otoen aka The Night seer, he is a n expert hunter than only tames small flying animals he uses to scout out his prey.
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The Tamers
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